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Cairn Terriers


Various Reds


3 Males





Call Names:

Murdoch, Gregor, Riley

Bred by:

Jane Nagle

Owned by:

Jane Nagle

  Murdoch, Gregor, Riley

Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Ch. Rose Croft's Best Invention, 01-06-95, Red Brindle, RM134078/04 Ch. Gleneagles Blackhawk, 11-09-92, Gray Brindle, RM071301/02 BIS - Ch. Wee Gaelic Todd Cairndania, 08-09-82, Grey Brindle, RA800855 1/84   Am/Cn Ch Cairndania Targon's Thomas, 05-10-77, Grey Brindle, RA412702 11/79   Am/Cn Ch Cairndania Tammy's Targon, 05-16-76  
Am/Cn Ch Cairndania Tammy's Eliz, 12-29-73  
Wee Gaelic Daisy, 01-08-78, Red Brindle, Canada-KB63203   Am/Cn Ch Foxgrove Jaunty, 09-12-76  
Ugadale Amazing Grace, 08-10-76  
Ch. Loch Katrine Lady Meghan, DGS-90, 05-06-88, Brindle, RB296150 6/91   Ch. Loch Katrine Kim's Piper Dan, 12-31-84, Red Brindle, RA954914 2/87   Am/Cn Ch Karengary's Indian Giver, 12-08-80  
Ch. Loch Katrine Kim Gregarach, 04-05-80  
Ch. Recless Rosie O'Gaelic, 04-21-85, Red Wheaten, RA984020 12/88   BIS - Ch. Wee Gaelic Todd Cairndania, 08-09-82  
Ch. Recless Gaelic, 10-22-80  
Rose Croft Tibbie Dunbar Diu, 08-12-87, Red, RB146120 Ch. Loch Katrine Ruadh Macduff, 11-10-84, Red, RA951243 3/88   Am/Cn Ch Karengary's Indian Giver, 12-08-80, Red, RA625370 11/84   BIS - Am/Cn Ch Foxgrove Jeronimo, 11-01-77  
Ch. Karengary's New Spirit, 11-11-76  
Ch. Canorwoll For-Get-Me-Nought, 04-23-81, Brindle, RA679362 4/85   Am/Cn Ch Ferniegair Fearnought,DGS-, 12-02-77  
Ch. Cairndania Jester's Jingles, 07-22-75  
Ch. Loch Katrine Jennie Marie, 04-05-80, Grey/wheaten, RA580364 9/83   Ch. Whistle Gate Red Falcon, 12-18-73, Red Brindle, RA117458 8/75   Ch. Caithness Fay's Falcon, 03-03-68  
Ch. Whistle Gate Mairi Ban Og, 09-23-68  
Ch. Lady Kathryn O'Montclair, 11-10-74, Grey Brindle, RA218150 11/76   Ch. Montclair Bit O'Honey  
Bridget of Sunset, 02-04-73  
Can Ch Alamawa's Killybracken, 10-08-96, Red Brindle, FU391992 Canada Can Ch Felix Von Den Seuten Snuddlebuddles, CKC 1051900 Ger Ch Oineus Von Auetal   Ger Ch Abildrupt Brio   In/NorCh Cairndy's Only Oliver  
Ger Ch Florence of Fort George   Dan. Ch. Robinson Crusoe Lazy McMurphy  
Ger Ch Pitcairn's Emanuelle  
Ger Ch Anna-Lotta Von Den Seuten Snuddlrbuddles,   Tjeps Skate Drimos   Ger Ch Rossarden Skate For Gold  
Dan. Ch. Tjeps Silcia  
Ulfine Von Der Schwarzen Kuhle   Mosshills Ron Bacardi  
Young Girl of Mount Button  
Can Ch Alamawa's Scara, 12-23-91, Canada Am/Cn Ch Savangelina's Touch of Sable, 06-27-87, Red, Canada-UL630017   Am/Cn Ch Geordie of Urquhart's Castle, 06-21-80, Brindle, Canada-ML197728   Red Flash of Alamawa, 04-02-79  
Cairnorth's McBeth  
Can Ch Tamacious Tiz A Coppertone, 03-10-84, Red Brindle, Canada-RE414581   Kotwanga's Salty Sam Brodick, CD, 07-13-82  
Can Ch IseTheBye's Wee Tamacious, 01-18-83  
Can Ch Alamawa's Kelvie, 06-10-89, Wheaten, Canada-WL778390   Alamawa's Dornoch, 07-09-88, Sandy, Canada-VN704941   Can Ch Another Special For Monary, 10-05-84  
Can Ch Sheeza Special For Monary, 12-04-85  
Can Ch Fortune Cookie of Alamawa, 09-13-84, Grey & Black, Canada-RG418343   Can Ch Alamawa's Jimminy Jim Jim, 08-06-82  
Rose of Alamawa  

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Gregor, Murdoch, Riley

Gregor, Riley and Murdoch

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The Boyz as babies



Ch. Greastscot's Whipstocker


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