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Faith was rescued from a kill shelter in Los Angeles with the orders to be put-down.  She was not pretty enough and had health issues to deal with and was not worth being rescued.

She was so filthy and matted the shelter workers were not sure if she was a Cairn or a Westie.  It was not determined for sure until she was here with us and cleaned up a bit.

Her biggest deficit is that she has very limited vision, but believe me this does not slow her down!  She also has some old scars on her back that will not grow hair.  She does not have skin allergies even with the mess she was in when she arrived here.  It will take some time for her to grow a good coat again.  

We don't think she could have been on the streets very long since she was fat.  She must have been turned in by her owners that just didn't want to deal with her.

She love to hunt and will dig.  She is fascinated with animals smaller than herself and wants to over power them, but gets along well with our other dogs. 

She is looking for a SPECIAL forever home. 

Call or e-mail Jerrie at  (209) 772-2724 or


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