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"When the old kennel hands begin to talk of memorable dogs, one of the things they remember best is the royal manner --- the flashing stride, the relentless courage, the flare of style, and the champion's heart. Such dogs do not always achieve royal standing in the world of dog competitions because they do not always have the chance, but when they do, they know that they do, and they are as proud as man of the achievement."
Dion Henderson, "Broken Treaty"

Unless a dog is given the opportunity to be shown we, would never get to know how great they might become. That dog also needs to be presented in a manner that shows it in the very best light. There must be a rapport between handler and dog. For this rapport to build there must be a trust built through kindness and care given by the handler.

The trust and, yes even love, between Peter and Riley shows in the following pictures. I received these pictures in the mail from a photographer I had never met. She said that she had been taking candid photos for dog magazines for years and she seldom saw such a "connection" between a handler and dog.

No matter how you looked at them, they were quite some team!

Peter campaigned Riley throughout 1996 for me. The dog, the handler and the money just happened to come together at the right time. It "hurt" my feelings to watch the two of them together. I could be sitting right at ringside and call Riley's name. He would take a quick look in my direction, as if to say "Oh, Hi Mom!" and then look back adoringly at Peter!

Thank you Peter for caring for my boy, but it is so nice to have him home!

Our Peter's full name is Peter Atkinson. He was born in England and has been living in the US and showing dogs here for about 10 years now. His breed is Welsh Terriers. Peter learned his "art" from his uncle while growing up.

Peter now is showing "Teddy" for us.

If you are looking for a good terrier handler, send me an e-mail and I will give you his address and phone number.

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