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 Cairn Terrier


 Gray Brindle







Call Name:


Bred by:

 Pamela G. Wirick

Owned by: 

  Mr Frank Messich & Mr G Sergius  
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Am/Cn Ch Billy Miner McCairn, 06-11-90, Grey Brindle, Canada-XL886085 Am/Cn Ch Cairland Brycairn Legacy, 05-01-86, Brindle, RB087779 9/90 Ch. Chasands Mighty Avenger, 05-26-80, Red Brindle, RA587793 6/82   BIS - Am/Cn Ch Foxgrove Jeronimo, 11-01-77, Red Brindle, RA536650 5/80   Foxgrove Jeff of Ljekarna, 06-30-75  
Foxgrove Jocasta  
Ch. Whetstone Miss Dior, 02-08-78, Brindle, RA441275 10/80   BIS - Ch. Cairmar Fancy Dresser, 11-25-75  
Ch. Cairmar's Connecticut Yankee, 11-17-74  
Cairland Party Doll, 05-01-82, Brindle, RA762518 9/83   BIS - Ch. Cairmar Fancy Dresser, 11-25-75, Brindle, RA371902 5/78   Ch. Dapper Dan of Wildwood, 05-14-74  
Ch. Cairmar Fancy That, 09-19-73  
Shadow's Sterling Silver, 08-09-76, Silver, RA335535 2/79   Ch. Almin's Mr Tuffy Tue, 12-29-72  
Gamac Fiddle Stix
Am/Cn Ch Cairndania Molly McCairn, 01-22-85, Grey, RA466600 Am/Cn Ch Gaelic's Haggis McBasher, 11-16-82, Red, RA859900 5/85   Am/Cn Ch Cairndania Jeronimo's Devlin, 02-06-81, Lt Red/Black Pts, RA732600 2/85   BIS - Am/Cn Ch Foxgrove Jeronimo, 11-01-77  
Am/Cn Ch Cairndania Douglas DeTree, 08-06-77  
Ugadale Amazing Grace, 08-10-76, Red Brindle, 975889-Canada   Ch. Foxgrove Mutt,DGS-114, 06-30-75  
Ugadale Baroness, 03-07-73  
Am/Cn Ch Cairndania Jeronimo's Jass, 03-07-80, Grey Brindle, RA659901   BIS - Am/Cn Ch Foxgrove Jeronimo, 11-01-77, Red Brindle, RA536650 5/80   Foxgrove Jeff of Ljekarna, 06-30-75  
Foxgrove Jocasta  
Can Ch Cairndania Davey's Darkel, 03-20-74, Red, RA213700   E/A/C Ch Lofthouse Davey,I-34, 05-16-63  
Ch. Cairndania Jan's Sandra, 04-09-67  
Can Ch Meadowwyns Prayers N'Promises, 09-14-88, Wheaten, Canada-VS739534 Can Ch Graecairn's Mitey Tuff, 06-09-85, Red, Canada-SL489922 Can Ch Alamawa's Jimminy Jim Jim, 08-06-82, Wheaten, Canada-PQ327557   Am/Cn Ch Lakewood's Jameson Maloney, 04-12-77, Red, RA432713 9/81   Ch. Moonbeam of Redletter, 04-14-76  
Ch. Lakewood's Foxy Lady, 01-13-74  
Tea Time of Alamawa, 03-13-81, Wheaten, Canada-NE240512   Rondivills Zodiak, 04-21-77  
KGay's June Bug, 06-29-73  
Graecairn's Gerogie Girl, Canada   Can Ch Cairncove's Knight-Hawk, 11-11-75, Grey Brindle, Canada-GW21674   E/A/C Ch Oudenarde Sea Hawk,DGS-9, 04-02-72  
Am/Cn Ch Mijennies First Lady, 04-23-73  
Cairncove's Graecairn Hey Jude, 03-02-82, Brindle, PE282314-Canada   Can Ch Cairnwallis Jordy of Cairncove, 10-19-74  
Braebriar's Butter Brickle, 03-23-78  
Can Ch Meadowwyns Chantilly Lace, 03-30-87, Cream, Canada-UE613110 Can Ch Meadow Jari Mandrake, 03-13-84, Wheaten, Canada-RE460500   Am/Cn Ch Azgard's Johnney Reb, 08-05-79, Brindle, RA601652 7/84   Ch. Cairmar Colonel Peri, 09-19-73  
Am/Cn Ch Milbryan K-Mart of Cairmar, 06-04-75  
Nakina's Klondike Kate, 12-14-81, NY286831-Canada   Am/Cn Ch Sulinda Samson of Worrindale, 05-05-73  
Nakina's By Goom Maggie, 05-25-79  
Gabriola's Little Megan, 12-16-84, Red, RY465357-Canada   Go Jingo Go of Alamawa, 08-17-82, Brown Brindle, PQ327543-Canada   Am/Cn Ch Lakewood's Jameson Maloney, 04-12-77  
Kgay's Badger's Little Codger, 08-24-73  
Delightful Miss Jones, 09-11-81, Wheaten, NS270348-Canada   Can Ch Finnigan's Little Chauvinist  
Finnigans Delightful Devil, 03-15-79  

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