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(Camcairn Gunther x Rasken's Rispudding)

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Mille and me in Denmark!

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Camcairn Gunther

His Sire line

Tribannon Vagabond CH Crowneast Special Vintage CH Harlight Hornblower
Crowneast March Rose
Tribannon Vanity Fair CH Cruzo Cornelian
CH Velora Proper Madam
of Tribannon

His Dam line

Camcairn Fiordoligi Camcairn Alberich Petersden Son og Morag
Camcairn Senta
CH Camcairn Eboli Kilnyard Gilliard
Camcairn Violetta


Her Sire line

Rasken’s Robert de Niro
SCH Rasken’s Ray Charles NCH NV87 Tjeps Golden Grom
Rasken’s Raffiga Ruth
SCH Raskens Rififi SCH SFCH Rasken’s Rebell
SCH NCH Rasken’s Rødluvan

Her Dam line

SCH Tribuns Yrsa

SCH Rasken’s Rodney SCH Roughyline Ashy-Ambrose
SCH NCH Rasken’s Rødluvan
NORDCH INTCH Tribuns Ronja NORDV-85 SUCH Tribuns Oberon

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Rasken's Rispudding


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