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 Cairn Terrier


 Red Brindle







 Call Name:


 Bred by:

 Jerrie E. Wolfe

 Owned by:

 Teddie A. Wilson & Jerrie E. Wolfe
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
CH Ramblebriar's Will Scarlet,DGS/111, 08-22-91, Red, RM002284/01 Bonfyre's Lionheart,DGS/-, 07-08-88, Wheaten, RB228642 CH Bonfyre's Blackmaler,DGS/3, 01-11-87, Black Brindle, RB097337   CH Cairmar Scot Free,DGS/80, 09-26-81, Brindle, RA616064   CH Whetstone Halston,DGS/-, 02-08-78  
CH Greetavale Golden Vow of Courtrai,DGS/80, 06-16-77  
CH Bonfyre's Early Delivery,DGS/3, 11-17-84, Cream, RA922622   CH Cairnhoe Chantyman,DGS/11, 08-01-81  
CH Weeknowe Walsing Gold Asset,DGS/3, 06-20-83  
CH Bonfyre's Serendipity,DGS/103, 06-28-84, Wheaten, RA895668   CH Cairnhoe Chantyman,DGS/11, 08-01-81, Grey Brindle, RA678197   AmBdaCH Cairnwoods Quince,DGS/-, 02-16-68  
CH Cairnhoe Fireworks O'Wolfpit,DGS/11, 07-04-76  
Royal Girl of Avenelhouse,DGS/103, 05-31-80, Cream, RA731052   Uniquecottage Golden Eagle,DGS/3, 03-18-77  
Heshe Romance,DGS/103,  
CH Ramblebriar's Tea For Two,DGS/111, 12-10-87, Red, RB191206   CH Uniquecottage Red Robin,DGS/11, 04-19-86, Red, RB057502   EngCH Uniquecottage Brer Fox,DGS/3, 11-26-81, Red, 0507 BS G05   Uniquecottage Gold Brick,DGS/11, 12-12-80  
Uniquecottage Gold Harrier,DGS/3, 02-07-78  
Uniquecottage Red Avocet,DGS/11, 12-20-79, 0082 BR   Uniquecottage Golden Eagle,DGS/3, 03-18-77  
EngCH Uniquecottage Gold Wings,I/11, 10-07-72  
Cedar Farm Ramblebriar's Torch,DGS/52, 03-03-85, Red, RA969047   CH Stanedykes Angus,DGS/90, 04-18-81, Red Brindle, RA701456   EngCH Uniquecottage Flycatcher,DGS/11, 04-30-78  
Pinetop September Sky of Stanedykes,DGS/,  
Lynwil Lucinda,DGS/52, 12-27-78, Red Brindle, RA651150   Lynwil Jackie,DGS/-, 04-26-76  
Whaire Anne of Lynwil,DGS/52,  
CH Rose Croft It's The Jitterbug,I/90, 11-22-91, Gray Brindle, RM035803/01 CH Sharolaine's Kalypso,I/-, 10-30-84, Wheaten, RA959225 AmCanCH Cairndania Targon's Thomas,I/-, 05-10-77, Grey Brindle, RA412702   AmCanCH Cairndania Tammy's Targon,I/89, 05-26-74, Grey Brindle, RA273650   AmCanCH Tammy of Mistyfell,I/102, 10-15-68  
CH Cairndania Brigrey's Red Girl,DGS/89, 09-29-69  
AmCanCH Cairndania Tammy's Eliz, 12-29-73, Wheaten, EYA258   AmCanCH Tammy of Mistyfell,I/102, 10-15-68  
CH Heshe Elizabeth, 11-18-70  
Recless Kiley of Sharolaine,DGS/-, 09-07-82, Wheaten, RA789586   AmCanCH Foxgrove Jaunty,DGS/114, 09-12-76, Wheaten, RA581150   Foxgrove Jeff of Ljekarna,DGS/107, 06-30-75  
Foxgrove Jocasta,DGS/114,  
CH Recless Kelly Joe,DGS/-, 04-14-80, Brindle, RA716131   CH Ugadale Hallmark,DGS/90, 08-25-71  
CH Samantha of Cairncrag,DGS/-, 10-07-75  
CH Loch Katrine Lady Meghan,DGS/90, 05-06-88, Brindle, RB296150 CH Loch Katrine Kim's Piper Dan,DGS/-, 12-31-84, Red Brindle, RA954914   AmCanCH Karengary's Indian Giver,DGS/17, 12-08-80, Red, RA625370   AmCanCH Foxgrove Jeronimo,DGS/114, 11-01-77  
CH Karengary's New Spirit,DGS/17, 11-11-76  
CH Loch Katrine Kim Gregarach,DGS/-, 04-05-80, Whtn/black & Coppr, RA580214   CH Whistle Gate Red Falcon,DGS/100, 12-18-73  
CH Lady Kathryn O'Montclair,DGS/-, 11-10-74  
CH Recless Rosie O'Gaelic,I/90, 04-21-85, Red Wheaten, RA984020   AmCanCH Wee Gaelic Todd Cairndania,I/90, 08-09-82, Grey Brindle, RA800855   AmCanCH Cairndania Targon's Thomas,I/-, 05-10-77  
Wee Gaelic Daisy,DGS/90, 01-08-78  
CH Recless Gaelic,DGS/90, 10-22-80, Mahoganey Brindle, RA642400   CH Ugadale Hallmark,DGS/90, 08-25-71  
CH Recless Aberdeen,I/90, 11-28-77  

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