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 Cairn Terrier


 Cream brindle 







 Call Name:


Bred by:

 Jerrie E. Wolfe

Owned by:

 Jerrie E. Wolfe
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Ramblebriar's Born To Party, 05-29-90, Red, RL979569/01 Ch. Uniquecottage Red Robin, 04-19-86, Red, RB057502 Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Brer Fox,DGS-3, 11-26-81, Red, 0507BS (U.K.)   Uniquecottage Gold Brick, 12-12-80, Red, 3635BV (U.K.)   Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Tree Creeper,DGS-109, 07-17-79  
Uniquecottage Gold Mimosa
Uniquecottage Gold Harrier, 02-07-78, Red, 1537BN (U.K.)   Uniquecottage Badger 
Eng. Ch. Early Bird of Uniquecottage
,DGS-3, 04-21-72
Uniquecottage Red Avocet, 0082BR   Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Golden Eagle, 03-18-77, Cream, 646BN   Eng. Ch. Avenelhouse Golden Oriole,DGS-3, 04-02-73  
Uniquecottage Stonechat
Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Gold Wings,I-11, 10-07-72, Red Black Points, 3546BH   Eng. Ch. AvenelHouse Cloth of Gold, I-2, 07-05-69  
Uniquecottage Wingletang, -11,  
Ramblebriar Lincairn Juliet, 01-03-89, Gray Brindle, RB296133 Ch. Ramblebriar's Two Bob Bit, 12-22-86, Gray Brindle, RB095738  Ch. Lincairn Bobby Boulton, 06-15-85, Red Brindle, RA982093 Am/Cn Ch Cairnlea's Robson, 10-29-78  
Ch. Cairmar Scarlet Ribbons, 05-29-81  
Cedar Farm Ramblebriar Torch, 03-03-85, Red, RA969047 Ch. Stanedykes Angus, 04-18-81  
Lynwil Lucinda, 12-27-78  
Uniquecottage Grey Flight, 06-05-85, Grey Brindle, RA993001 10/87   Uniquecottage Gold Brick, 12-12-80, Red, 3635BV (U.K.)   Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Tree Creeper,DGS-109, 07-17-79  
Uniquecottage Gold Mimosa 
Uniquecottage Westward Courtrai Buster
Uniquecottage Grey Phoebe,DGS-11,  
Rose Croft Tibbie Dunbar Diu, 08-12-87, Red, RB146120  Ch. Loch Katrine Ruadh Macduff, 11-10-84, Red, RA951243 3/88, IC= 0.00000   Am/Cn Ch Karengary's Indian Giver, 12-08-80, Red, RA625370 11/84   Am/Cn Ch Foxgrove Jeronimo, 11-01-77, Red Brindle, RA536650 5/80   Foxgrove Jeff of Ljekarna, 06-30-75 
Foxgrove Jocasta
Ch. Karengary's New Spirit, 11-11-76, Gray Brindle, RA348379 4/80   Ch. Foxgrove Jester, -114, 05-03-74  
Ch Justcairns Tally-Ho, 06-13-71  
Ch. Canorwoll For-Get-Me-Nought, 04-23-81, Brindle, RA679362 4/85   Am/Cn Ch Ferniegair Fearnought,DGS-, 12-02-77, Red Brindle, C623141d2ENG 6/81   Maurolines Jolly Swagsman,DGS-, 08-01-73  
Ferniegair Lynn, I-90,  
Ch. Cairndania Jester's Jingles, 07-22-75, Brindle, RA280550 9/78   Ch. Foxgrove Jester, -114, 05-03-74  
Ch. Cairndania Davey's Duplicate,I-,  
Ch. Loch Katrine Jennie Marie, 04-05-80, Grey/wheaten, RA580364 Ch. Whistle Gate Red Falcon, 12-18-73, Red Brindle, RA117458 8/75   Ch. Caithness Fay's Falcon, 03-03-68, Grey Wheaten, R602985 10/69   Ch. Cairnwoods Golden Boy,DGS-, 01-03-67  
Toptwig Fay of Caithness, 02-17-63  
Ch. Whistle Gate Mairi Ban Og, 09-23-68, Red Grey Brindle, R648755 10/72   Ch. Whistle Gate Paddi-Wack, 05-19-67  
Caithness Fay's Folly
Ch. Lady Kathryn O'Montclair, 11-10-74, Grey Brindle, RA218150 11/76   Ch. Montclair Bit O'Honey, R736652 1/71   Ch. Bellacairn's Bit O'Scotch, 08-06-64  
Am/Cn Ch Cairncrag Lady of the Lake, 10-17-62  
Bridget of Sunset, 02-04-73, Brindle, RA117021 Irish import  Ch. Caithness Fay's Falcon, 03-03-68  
Chuck's Jody Flynn, 02-08-71  

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