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Skeeter is owned by me and earned a major her first time in the ring. Her second weekend out she was Best of Breed over three Specials, including her Group placing sister! And finished her championship in 12 shows, earning three majors all from the Bred By Exhibtor Class. Skeeter has a lovely head, harsh coat, level top-line, dark pigment, and correct size for a bitch with a bit of extra leg length. Hopefully she will be earning her Earthdog Title soon too.

Skeeter's pedigree is seen at the right.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Go to the Recent Winners page to see what Sketter and the other Rose Croft dogs have been up to latley.

Contact: Rose Croft Cairns


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Ch. Rose Croft Born to Jitterbug

                     Ch. Uniquecottage Red Robin
                Ramblebriar's Born to Party
                     Ramblebriar's Lincairn Juliet
Sire:   Ch. Rose Croft Born to Party
                     Ch. Loch Katrine Ruadh MacDuff
                Rose Croft Tibbie Dunbar Dui
                     Ch. Loch Katrine Jennie Marie

                     Ch. Cairndania Targon's Thomas
                Ch. Sharolaine's Kalyspo
                     Recless Kiley of Sharolaine
Dam:  Ch. Rose Croft It's the Jitterbug
                     Ch. Loch Katrine Kim's Piper Dan
                Ch. Loch Katrine Lady Meghan
                     Ch. Recless Rosie O'Gaelic



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