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Tara is owned by Joe Vernuccio of New Haven, CT.   Joe first came to Calif. when Tara was 8 weeks old (see picture below).  He then returned in September to pick her up.

He also brought her back to Calif. for the Cairn Terrier Club of Northern California Specialty held in February each year.

Tara started her show career being owner/handled, with a little bit of long distance help from her breeder.  She finished in grand style with a handler, because Joe could not take the time away from work.  

She started with 3 Best of Breeds and one Best of Opposite Sex all from the classes. And finished with three majors (2 four pointers) and a Best of Breed over Specials again from the classes

DOB: June 3, 1998

Titled: Jan. 22, 2000

Tara's pedigree click here.

More show pictures coming soon!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Joe.

Click on the following name to see pictures of her litter mate  Spike.

Tara's sire and dam are GCL clear.

Contact: Rose Croft Cairns


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This is what Tara looked like at 8 weeks old, when Joe first saw her

14 weeks old

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Tara and Joe winning Best of Breed from the classes under judge Vincent Grosso.

Tara winning Best of Breed again from the classes this time under judge 


14 months old

Nine months old

5 months old

Tara at 4 months old

4 months old


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