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The graphics on my pages were collected from many sources. Some you may use as long as you give credit for them other you will need to get permission from the owner to use.
These images you can take:
The following click on this picture and it will take you there.

Some of the graphics used here are public domain, if you are not sure please e-mail me. If there are graphics used here and I have not given the proper credit, please e-mail and I will make the correction.
These are things you cannot take:
All the photographs belong to the owner of this web site or the author of the article where they appear.
All of the Celtic Knot work and dog breed graphics (as seen one the frames and the rose bar) are my own.  I do have some other breeds, please e-mail me and I will see if I have something that you can use. 

If you MUST take something, please e-mail me and allow me to give you permission

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