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Member of

The Cairn Terrier Club of America
The Cairn Terrier Club of Northern California
The Cairn Terrier Club of Central California
The Danish Terrier Club
The Swedish Cairn Terrier Club
The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Northern Califonia

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1998 in Review


Our Newest Shining Star and Record Setter

Teddy has won more Best in Shows in less than one year than any other Cairn Terrier in the History of the Breed
Multiple Best in Show Winner

#1 Cairn 1999
thru Oct 31th

 #2 Terrier

#2 Cairn 1998
All Systems

Ch. Rose Croft's Best Foot Forward

Best of Breed Westminster 1999

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Teddy represented this web site in Santana's Millennium Dog 2000 Contest. We were voted as the January winner. Starting December 1, Teddy and the 10 other winner for each month will vie for the title Millennium Dog 2000. Make sure to visit Santana's site and see if your dog and web site has what it takes to vie for the title of Millennium Dog 2000.

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