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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cairn Terriers,
(and then some)
but Were Afraid to Ask

The Cairn Terrier Club of America
American Kennel Club/Cairn Terrier Standard

Chicago/Suburban Cairn Terrier Club - USA

Cairn Terrier Club of Denver - USA

The Cairn Terrier Club of Southern California - USA

The Cairn Terrier in America

North of Ireland Cairn Terrier Club

Danish Cairn Terrier Homepage

The Southern Cairn Terrier Club - UK

Cairn Terrier in Australia

Örebro Cairn Terrier Club - Sweden

Cairn Terrier Klubben - Norway

The Cairn Terrier in Canada

Celeste's Site for Cairn Terriers - USA

Cairn Terrier FAQ

Cairn Terrier Home Page

Rosecairn - USA

Hoflin Cairn Page

Beth & David Daye's Home Page - USA

Great Gifts - Cairn Terrier Magnets - USA
Robin's End - USA
Welcome to the Cairn Terrier Experience - Holland
Coert Blok's Cairn page - Watch Out Cairns About!!! - Holland
Dutch Cairn Terrier Files
Duffy's Own Page - USA
The Quarles Family - CA, USA
Howsick Kennels - USA
Blair Hill - MN, USA
Piper's Page - USA
Japer & Cindy - USA
Melonbel's World - USA
Sugar Marcho! - USA
Robbie the Cairn Terrier
Kyla M. Arden: Kea's Photo Album
Frasses sajtar - en sida för alla hundvänner
Bengt Månssons hemsida
Brian McKinney - CA, USA
Kennel Cairnstone - Sweden
Sir Wicket of Endor
Zalazar Cairns - Denmark
My Hart Cairns - TX, USA
Watanabe's Meet the Cairn in Japan
Stamboom Cairn Terriers - Holland
Chriscairn Kennels - Canada
Cairwick Cairns - Canada
Mrs. Dooker's Home Page - NY, USA
Cairn Terrier Klubben - Sweden
"MAXHOUSE" ! Another Cairn from Japan
Lai-Ba's Kennel - Denmark
Beamer - CA, USA
Glenchess Cairn Terriers - UK
Kennel Keencairn - Denmark
Samantha Mihalo - USA
Dog Inn - Denmark
Hamish Magruder's Home Page - Canada
Tig's Photo Album - USA
Ruby - USA
Skye's Family - USA
Kasino`s Cairns - Denmark
Kennel Ru'cairn - Denmark
Kennel Hjohoo - Sweden
Kennel Toll - Sweden
Kennel Herzlake - Germany
Kathy and Brian's Homepage (and Sly, too!) - USA
Maggie & Geordie, Magadogs - OR, USA
Kennel Jegulini - Sweden
Twinkle, CDX - FL, USA
The cairn - Gordon Mc. Duff
In Memory of Max the Cairn
Welcome to Dogs - Cairn Terriers
Shayna's Den
Charlie, the Cairn Terrier
The Penny and Katy Home Page!
Cairnbrook - Canada
The Weedon Zoo !!! - Canada
Adas Cairns - Denmark
Kennel McAlister - Denmark
The Three Howlers
Theresa Stefancik home page - TX, USA
Cass Morrison's home page
Shirlene and Toto's Virtual Home - Austraslia
Scooties's Dog House
McAlister Cairns - Denmark
Meet Piper
Bucky (which is short for Starbucks Mocha Mambo)
Duffy & Daffy
Orion Cairn Terriers - Ireland
Chez Morrison & Rufus
Killer & Spike Home Page
Tiffy the Cairn
Cairn Terrier aus Wegberg
Temple of the RatDog
Youk's Page
Morrison Home on the Web
Dixie and Toy
Kennel Big Time - Denmark
Heathen Horde Home Page - TX, USA
Kelcliffe Kennels - Australia
Kennel Feentraum - Germany
Cairns by Andrew Lambert
Homepage van Johnny Mast en Melanie Mulstege
Stirling Cairns - WA, USA
Shirlene Clark's Homepage - Australia
Murphy & Spanky's Page - USA
Midas, The Cairn Terrier - Canada
Sebastion's Place on the Web - USA
Caledonia Canine Cousins - USA
MacDUFF THE CAIRN TERRIER "Duffy" - Australia
Carin's Cairns - Italy
Jason Nelsons Home Page and his Cairn Brecken - USA
Kerrigan's Kingdom - USA
Solaria Cairns - Germany
Westerly Cairn Terriers - USA
Markus Zmija Cairns
Cardhu's Cairn - Switzerland
Hyde Castle Cairns - Austria
Cairns in France
Elly's Cairn Terrier Page - USA
Chloe's Page - USA
Quincy's Page
Mugs - USA
Doug, Tracey, Haley, Maggie & ? - CA, USA
Cairn Terrier Zuechter - Germany
My Sweet Elmo, USA



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