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About Cairn Terriers -
The Best Little Pal in the World

Publications:  Available from the CTCA
Chris Bowlus, 6152 Golf Club Rd., Howell, MI 48843

ииCairn Terrier Grooming - "Start to Finish" $2.00
ииClarification and Amplification of the Standard 2.00
ииVisualization of the Cairn Standard 1.00
ииCTCA "Movement of the Cairn Terrier (video) 20.00
ииTerrier Type Cairn Special Issue No longer available
ииThe Cairn Terrier by Baroness Burton 1.00
ииCairn Terrier by Hutchinson's Publishing Group 1.00
ииCTCA Yearbooks 1978-1992 (no 1982 or 1991) 5.00
the two most recent years 12.00
ииMeet the Cairn Terrier folder single ea.= .50
ииGenetic Anomalies of the Cairn Terrier -
   A Reference Manual for Conscientious Breeders
Contact CTCA
ииGrooming Video $25.00
ииThe Cairn Terrier Club of Greater Detroit
   % Pat Holmes, 8070 Sheraton Park
   Fenton, MI 48430
5.00 shipping
ииCairn Terrier Magazine - Cairn Courier
   P.O. Box 060521, Palm Bay, FL 32906
$19.95 per year

As of the fall of 1998 this publication is no longer available

ииCairn Terrier Club of Northern California - a quarterly newsletter. Contains book and movie reviews, puzzles, cartoons, club info, breed info, breeder brags, advertising, and is generally representative of the largest regional cairn club in the USA. There are subscribers worldwide. If you are interested you may e-mail Bobbie Roswurm at roswurm@CALWEB.COM $10.00 a year to nonmembers
ииCairn Terrier Club of America Newsletter - contact Richard Grant
124-1/2 Plainwoods Road
Foster, RI 02825-1620
$10.00 a year to nonmembers
ииThe Cairn Terrier by Christine Carter
ииThe Cairn Terrier by JWH Benyon
& Alex Fisher
ииCairn Terriers by Hector Whitehead
ииAll About the Cairn Terrier by John F. Gordon
ииYour Cairn Terrier by Girard A. Jacobs
ииThe Complete Cairn Terrier by John T. Marvin
ииOur Friend the Cairn Terrier by Florence M. Ross
ииThe Cairn Terrier handbook by TWL Capersz
ииCairn and Sealyham Terriers by Mrs. Byron Rogers
ииThe New Cairn Terrier by Betty Marcum
ииCairn Terrier Champions : 1952-1986 Camino E. E., Co.
ииCairn Terriers by Erliss McCormack
ииRags - The Story of a Dog Who Went to War by Jack Rohan
ииThe Compendium of British Cairn Terrier Records by Patricia McKinney
ииThe Cairn Terrier in America - Published yearly by Clarence Vaughn
ииCairn Terrier - AKC Breed Video American Kennel Club

A wonderful source for out of print and rare books is the Canine Cornucopia - British Specialists in out of print and rare dog books.


Or order new books directly through this site from Barnes and Nobles