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Please take your time here and become familiar with our Cairns.  Each dog we have bred has it's own pictures page, a write-up about it's accomplishments and a pedigree page.

We have included dogs we have bred to, imported, exported, admired or are somewhere in the pedigrees behind our dogs. 

Each dog is listed by it's registered and call name.  Have fun!

Just like at the shows, lets start with the boys  ~
First our home bred dogs
of course they all don't live here and some are long gone

Working dogs No longer active
Ch. Rose Croft A Better Mouse Trap, ME ~ Urchin
Rose Croft Celtic Son, JE ~ Duffy

Rose Croft Merrie Magee, UD
Ch. Rose Croft Dance Party, JE ~ Lizzie
Rose Croft Ironwood Lilly, JE ~ Bee

Ch. Rose Croft Since Sliced Bread ~ Spencer
"Ch." Rose Croft Perpetual Motion ~ Owie
History Present show and stud dogs
Ch. Rose Croft Eagalach Abh ~ "T"
Ch. Rose Croft Dearglean Abh ~ Willie
Ch. Rose Croft Aon Cullean Abh ~ Tigger
Ch. Rose Croft Jester Jazz Beo ~ Jazz
Ch. Rose Croft Falcon's Jester Beo ~ Rusty
Ch. Loch Katrine Cody of Snokris ~ Cody
Ch. Sandpiper ~ Sandy
Ch. Gleneagles Red Robin ~ Robin

Ch. Rose Croft Best Foot Forward ~ Teddy
Ch. Rose Croft Best Laid Plans ~ Toby
Ch. Rose Croft's Born to Rock ~ Jake
Ch. Rose Croft Party to the Max ~ Max
Danish/Norwegian Ch. Rose Croft Shutterbug ~ Kody
Rose Croft Best Intentions ~ Nike
Can. Ch. Rose Croft a Step a Head ~ Dashtoo
Ch. Ramblebrair's Will Scarlet ~Will
Am./Can. Ch. Rose Croft Right On Target ~ Petie
Ch. Rose Croft Spiked Punch ~ Spike
Mistywins Happicairn Piper Chase ~ Rocky
Other important dogs in my pedigrees My very special ones 
Ch. Whistle Gate Red Flacon
Ch. Foxgrove Jeronimo

Ch. Karengary's Indian Giver
Ch. Loch Katrine Ruadh McDuff
Ch. Loch Katrine Kim's Piper Dan
Ch. Rose Croft Born to Party ~ Riley
Ch. Rose Croft Best Foot Forward ~ Teddy
Ch. Rose Croft's Best Invention ~ Ben
My Imports Future stars
Hage Løjrom ~ Løsjer

Can. Ch. Cairnbrooks Forever Amber ~ Amber

Rose Croft A Step Forward ~ Dash
Rose Croft A Step in Time ~ Boo
Rose Croft Were There's a Will ~ Batman

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