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Cairn Terrier Information

History of the Breed
The Standard
Publications -  Books, Magazines, and Videos
Good Stuff! - E-mail List, CTCA Rescue & Breeder Referral
Cairns in the Movies
How to Adopt a Rescue Cairn
Rescues Available
A Dog of a Different Color
Kids and Cairns
Cairn Terrier links from around the world
Champions and their line of descendents
Photo Album


Cairn Terrier Pedigrees

Stud Dogs ~ Past, Present and Future
The "Ladies" ~ Past, Present and Future
The Danish Connection
Some Rose Croft puppies with their own web pages
Future Stars

Some Rose Croft puppies with their own web pages

Owie, Urchin, Ripley & now Skeeter
Casey Stacy Jenner
Sparc Mamedov


Glen of Imaal Terriers

Graham, Ballyfoyle Oisin
Freja, Coleraine's Christmas Rose at Rose Croft

General Interest, Especially Terrier

How to Find a Responsible Breeder
Genetics & Health Issues
Genetic Related Problems
Dental Care
  Cairns  or
Glen of Imaals
Caring for the Older Dog
Emergency First Aid
How to Raise Pups with Great Temperaments
Behavior Problems and their Solutions
AKC Earthdog Tests
Sheep Herding??
Beginning Obedience
How to tell if your dog may be sick
First Aid Kit
Hazards to Dogs - Plants and Household items
Preventing Heat Exhaustion

Other Breeds we have an interest in

Jack Russell Terrier
Ch. Keefer Farms Blk Jack Daniel
Devonwood Diamond in the Rough

Chinese Cresteds
American Staffordshire Terrier
Other pages of Interest
1998 In Review
4th of July 1998 Bash!
Grooming Day
A Little about Me
How to find Us
Web Rings
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