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Will x Lindsey's Puppies
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Cairn Terrier




2 males, 1 female





Bred by:

Jerrie E. Wolfe

Owned by:

Jerrie E. Wolfe

  July 31, 1999- Boy, Girl, Boy

Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
Ch. Ramblebriar's Will Scarlet, 08-22-91, Red, RM022840/01 2/94 Bonfyre's Lionheart, 07-08-88, Wheaten, RB228642 5/9 Ch. Bonfyre's Blackmaler, 01-11-87, Black Brindle, RB097337 12/88   Ch. Cairmar Scot Free, 09-26-81, Brindle, RA616064 7/82   Ch. Whetstone Halston, 02-08-78  
Ch. Greetavale Golden Vow of Courtrai, 06-16-77  
Ch. Bonfyre's Early Delivery, 11-17-84, Cream, RA926622 6/87   Ch. Cairnhoe Chantyman, 08-01-81  
Ch. Weeknowe Walsing Gold Asset, 06-20-83  
Ch. Bonfyre's Serendipity, 06-28-84, Wheaten, RA895668 5/87   Ch. Cairnhoe Chantyman, 08-01-81, Grey Brindle, RA678197 12/84   Am/Bd Ch Cairn Terrier Cairnwoods Quince, 02-16-68  
Ch. Cairnhoe Fireworks O'Wolfpit, 07-04-76  
Royal Girl of Avenelhouse, 05-31-80, Cream, RA731052 9/84   Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Golden Eagle, 03-18-77  
Heshe Romance
Ch. Cairn Terrier Ramblebriar's Tea For Two, 12-10-87, Red, RB191206 5/90 Ch. Uniquecottage Red Robin, 04-19-86, Red, RB057502 10/87   Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Brer Fox,DGS-3, 11-26-81, Red, 0507BS (U.K.)   Uniquecottage Gold Brick, 12-12-80  
Uniquecottage Gold Harrier, 02-07-78  
Uniquecottage Red Avocet, 0082BR   Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Golden Eagle, 03-18-77  
Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Gold Wings,I-11, 10-07-72  
Cedar Farm Ramblebriar Torch, 03-03-85, Red, RA969047 5/87   Ch. Stanedykes Angus, 04-18-81, Red, RA701456 7/82   Eng. Ch. Uniquecottage Flycatcher,DGS-11, 04-30-78  
Pinetop September Sky of Stanedykes
Lynwil Lucinda, 12-27-78, Red Brindle, RA651150 11/81   Lynwil Jackie, 04-26-76  
Mhaire Anne of Lynwil  
GB's Party Girl Lindsey, 12-17-96, Silver, RM192387/03   Rose Croft Boot Scootin' Boogie, 09-05-95, Red, RM152603/05   BIS - Int Ch Rose Croft Rose Croft Born to Party, CGC, TT, 08-17-93, Red, RM092021/02   Ramblebriar's Born To Party, 05-29-90, Red, RL979569/01 6/92   Ch. Uniquecottage Red Robin, 04-19-86  
Ramblebriar Lincairn Juliet, 01-03-89  
Rose Croft Tibbie Dunbar Diu, 08-12-87, Red, RB146120   Ch. Loch Katrine Ruadh Macduff, 11-10-84  
Ch. Loch Katrine Jennie Marie, 04-05-80  
Ch. Rose Croft It's the Jitterbug, 11-22-91, Grey Brindle, RM035830/01   BIS - Ch. Sharolaine's Kalypso, 10-30-84, Wheaten, RA959225 5/86   Am/Cn Ch Cairndania Targon's Thomas, 05-10-77  
Recless Kylie of Sharolaine, 09-07-82  
Ch. Loch Katrine Lady Meghan, DGS-90, 05-06-88, Brindle, RB296150 6/91   Ch. Loch Katrine Kim's Piper Dan, 12-31-84  
Ch. Recless Rosie O'Gaelic, 04-21-85  
Tarcrest Daring Dixie, RB347990 4/92 Stebru's Tenacious Mr T, 11-16-84, Brindle, RB058966 11/89   Ch. Whetstone Halston, 02-08-78, Brindle, RA441277 11/79   BIS - Ch. Cairmar Fancy Dresser, 11-25-75  
Ch. Cairmar's Connecticut Yankee, 11-17-74  
Ch. Stebru's Tinker Toy, 05-27-79, Grey Brindle, RA581767 11/74   Ch. Bellacairn's Bonnie Bruce, 05-30-75  
Stebru's Tailas Babe, 12-30-76  
Tarcrest Dare Me I Will, 08-11-85, Gray Brindle, RA996254 10/88   Ch. Gairlock's Rascal O'Ragtime, 10-31-78, Grey Brindle, RA469129 3/80   Ch. Gypsy's Ragtime Ruffie, 06-11-75  
Ch. Ruby Love of Melita, 05-25-73  
Josephina Ragamuffin, 08-08-83, Wheaten, RA872511 1/86   Snoopy Joe Sloniker, 01-05-78  
Oni-Don's Gidget, 12-20-81  

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11 Weeks old

Light Brindle Boy

The Girl

Dark Brindle Boy

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